【BACKORDER】HeMoXian 1/100 NZS-05-3 Legend of Thor, God of Thunder

IMPORTANT MANUFACTURE UPDATE Additional reprints are available for Thor, but the manufacture is no longer making Thor with the preorder bonus items (the cape). Preorder Details Please read our Preorder FAQ carefully before placing the order. Product Description He Mo Xian (和模线) NZS-05-3 Legend of Thor, God of Thunder. Product...
This item is currently on backorder and will be shipped once available. Kindly be aware that cancelling a backorder will incur a 25% restocking fee. For detailed information on our backorder and cancellation policies, please visit our FAQs page.
Vendor: HeMoXian
SKU: NZS-05-3
Availability: Backorder
Subtotal: $65.00
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